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Ken Dalgarno is a Canadian artist and photographer from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Saskatchewan. Dalgarno has exhibited in group and solo shows across Western Canada and the United States. His paintings and photographs are in many private and public collections. Dalgarno's artwork has been featured in the Edmonton Journal, Western Art Collector, Prairies North, Galleries West and Our Canada magazines. His book ‘Badlands: a geography of metaphors’ was published in 2014 by Red Deer Press. His film documentary “Josi Victoria: a complicated masquerade” premiered at the Regina International Film Festival in 2017
What first struck me was the brilliance of Ken Dalgarno's palette, the raw, visceral wealth of it. This is the sort of chromatic bang that you don't get in Nature. I'll tell you right away, if you didn't know it already: Saskatchewan skies, whether at dawn, midday or dusk, are not like Dalgarno paints them. But what his brush accurately captures is how they feel. That is the great appeal of these paintings: they are the best of both worlds, charged with the radiance of abstraction but also conveying the content of figuration. They are intensely physical paintings, nearly shocking in their vividness, yet their tone is quietly elegiac.
My immediate thought was, I want to live with these. My great luck is that I now have two hanging on my walls, lighting up my house.

Yann Martel
ManBooker Prize winner for “Life of Pi”

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